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Friendly Chevrolet Canton Kansas

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Item # 56
"Welcome to Friendly Chevrolet In Canton Kansas..." That is what they used to say...many years ago. The town still exists but just barely. Today Canton Kansas is known for the two teapot style water towers left in town, one is marked "Hot" and the other is marked "Cold." When there was a Chevrolet Dealership in town back in the 1930's they used to put a set of these booklets in the glove box of your new car upon delivery.

They are interesting to be sure. For example...did you know you can clean blood stains from your mohair upholstery by using formaldehyde? There is clearly a lot of vintage wisdom in these booklets. There were a total of 6 booklets to the set. You can buy a set of all 6 for the vintage price of $10.00 Post Paid (USA)  We have more than one set of these for sale (we bought all of the leftovers) because we thought they were really neat) so do yourself a favor and buy more than one. We will tell you when they are almost gone. They make neat Christmas gifts.

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