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Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Aviation Electronics Inc. Wichita Kansas.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Item # 3035
OK...All of you vintage airplane memorabilia collectors listen up...have we got a deal for you. We have one only, Aviation Electronics brand electronic ignition system. All that we can prove is that it was made in Wichita Kansas which used to be the aviation capitol of the world. What that has to do with device...who knows?

If you collect vintage aviation memorabilia this is for you. If you need a white elephant gift for the next Christmas or office party and your spending limit small, you can have this delivered to your door for $20.00 post paid. Where it gets delivered after that is up to you!

Order today... if for no other reason than to be sure it is not YOU that becomes the recipient!


1930's Holly Bushing Extractor Made in Hutchinson Kansas.

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Item#579 Holly Bushing Extractor
This tool consists of a spindle and three tools. The spools will extract any straight soft metal bushing ranging in size from an inch and a sixteenth in diameter all the way up to two and five-sixteenth inches in diameter. This extractor set was made by the Rosier-Howard Sales Company in Hutchinson Kansas. The set is complete in the original wooden box and is in excellent condition. It comes complete with instructions and patent information. It can be yours for the newly extracted price of $65.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.


Friendly Chevrolet Canton Kansas

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Item # 56
"Welcome to Friendly Chevrolet In Canton Kansas..." That is what they used to say...many years ago. The town still exists but just barely. Today Canton Kansas is known for the two teapot style water towers left in town, one is marked "Hot" and the other is marked "Cold." When there was a Chevrolet Dealership in town back in the 1930's they used to put a set of these booklets in the glove box of your new car upon delivery.

They are interesting to be sure. For example...did you know you can clean blood stains from your mohair upholstery by using formaldehyde? There is clearly a lot of vintage wisdom in these booklets. There were a total of 6 booklets to the set. You can buy a set of all 6 for the vintage price of $10.00 Post Paid (USA)  We have more than one set of these for sale (we bought all of the leftovers) because we thought they were really neat) so do yourself a favor and buy more than one. We will tell you when they are almost gone. They make neat Christmas gifts.


The Parts Counter Collection

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Item # 230B
Up for auction is what we call the parts counter collection. It is a collection of parts book that can be used for parts identification, cross reference, and just "good to know" general information. These are duplicates to the one we have in the store. You can buy the whole collection for the interchange price of $20.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.


Mann Automatic Transmission Catalog

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Item # 3031
From the1950's thru the 1980's Kansas City was like a little Detroit. Ford Motor Company had an assembly plant nearby (and still does) and there were a lot of independent companies building or rebuilding things related to the automotive industry. One of the biggest for automatic transmissions in the 1960's was Mann Automatic Transmission Company.

If you buy this catalog you can take a picture tour of their company and see how transmissions were rebuilt and tested, along with a lot of other "stuff" you need to know if you are into vintage transmissions. This should also be interesting to those of you who grew up in Kansas City as this is a part of Kansas City automotive history.

Entertain your friends and neighbors with this catalog full of history for the rebuilt price of $20.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.


The Warn Collection

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Item # 515
Up for sale here is two fold out catalogs from the Warn company that built the Warn Locking hubs for 4WD applications. These are from the early 1960's when Warn was the standard for locking hubs. If you have ever had them on a 4WD vehicle you know they were truly bullet-proof. Here is more information than you would ever want to know, or could ever again find in one place. You can buy it all for the free-wheeling sum of $25.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.


Ft Hood Texas Open House Program

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Item # 1006
This is a program for the open house help in April 1952 at Fort Hood Texas. It covers training, equipment, duties of officers and enlisted men, and group pictures of the Headquarters Battery, Battalion Staff, The "A" Battery, The "B" Battery, the "C" Battery, and the "Service" Battery. The program is approx. 40 pages and the names are listed of everyone stationed at Fort Hood during the open House. I am not sure how I ended up with this, no doubt from an auction, that included a box of car parts with this as a bonus. If you are a Korean war buff, had family stationed at Ft Hood in the 1950's,  or are just curious what life was like on base during those years, now is your chance to find out. $20.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.


Harrison Thermostat Application Poster

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Item #1068
It is just what the picture shows... an application guide poster for Harrison Thermostats. It was proudly displayed on the wall of the Chevrolet Dealership in Minneapolis Kansas for many years. It cover all makes and models (not just Chevrolet) from 1936 thru 1952. It is suitable for framing or whatever else you want to do with it. It can be yours for the 1952 price of $10.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.

Item 1066 Genuine "Portawalls" add on Whitewalls...

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We have two sets of set of (4) for 15" tires, plus three spares for a total of (7) 15"Portawalls, and another set of (4) for 14" tires.  These are the genuine article as sold in the back of the Hot Rod magazine  in the 1950's and 1960's. You simply let the air out of your tires then installed these between the tire bead and the rim, then aired your tires back up. You had instant whitewalls which immediately made your car look "cool" without having to shell out big bucks for new whitewall tires.

In reality... lots of these were sold by default. If you went around a corner to fast they would pop loose from the bead and pass you going around the corner. Then you had to by another set because you couldn't drive around with three whitewall tires and one blackwall! That explains how there got to be (7) of the 15" Portawalls. With that in mind these make great wall are in your shop as you tell your friends and neighbors they came off of your 1950 Olds and then follow up with your past Saturday night adventures stories. The entertainment value alone makes these worth more way more than the $24.80 asking price for both sets FOB Clay Center Kansas.

This is how they were advertised in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Item 4 Machined 8BA Flathead Ford Cylinder Head

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Up for sale is a RH Cylinder Head for a 8BA Ford FlatheadV8. It has been surfaced to be sure it is level and checked for cracks. It belonged to one of our customers who kept it as a spare. We took it in on trade and we are just wanting what we allowed him for it. He has sold his car, a 1950 Ford and bought a 1949 Olds, the car he had when he graduated from High School. We sold him an alternator and cooling fan setup like he had on his Ford along with the electric fuel pump. To be neighborly we allowed him $25.00 for this cylinder head. It can be yours for the same $25.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.  

It has been surfaced and checked for cracks and is ready to go...

Water holes are good with no damage from electrolysis...

More numbers for reference...


Item # 19 Bag Boy Golf Caddy

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If you want the ultimate in nostalgic golf bag haulers you need a genuine "Bag Boy" straight out of the 1950's. It folds up to a size not much bigger than the golf bag it carries. It has ball bearing wheels and rolls easy...especially downhill if you do not secure it well on number 7. One hubcap is missing on the RH side. Other than that... all is good. It has recently been serviced and is ready to go. Call for an early tee time and you are ready to go.  For $25.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas you can't go wrong!

OK...Now that you have the official description of what this item was designed need to get busy and start thinking like a car person. What if you bought this item and fixed it up to take to the swap meet. You could mount a milk crate or large plastic tub to the feet and with ball bearing wheels you will have no trouble hauling the pair of small block cylinder heads that you bought for $60.00

This carrier folds up so it takes little space in the shop... it is built heavy enough to carry up to a hundred pounds and will stand up on its own. Bungee cords will hold your milk crate or plastic tub on and you can carry extra ones in case you buy something large and bulky like sheetmetal. This will haul a front fender with ease. Try that with your little red wagon. Did the light come on yet...? I hope you can identify a sweet deal when you see one... even if it doesn't say Ford or Chevrolet on it.

Item # 64 Progress Manufacturing Oil Container

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This oil carrier was manufactured by the Progressive Manufacturing Company of Arthur Illinois and dates to the 1920s. It came from the same station as item #72 and also sat next to an oil Lubster. I was told this was used for on the farm delivery. That would stand to reason based on the residue left inside, as shown in picture three. The cap does have a plate that identifies as being made by the Progressive Manufacturing Co in Arthur Illinois. The tap on the inside of the fill neck say capacity 5 US gallons. With all of the oil residue inside there was no chance for rust so everything is solid and in good shape. That is about all there is to tell except the price which is $151.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.

The opposite side view...

 This container is made of steel and is very heavy. That spot welded tag inside the filler neck says Capacity 5 US gallons to line.


Item # 77 Model T Ford Accessory Running Board Luggage Rack

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Up for sale is an Accessory Running Board Luggage Rack. This attached to either the driver's side or the passenger side running board using the screw clamps provided, and allowed the car owner to secure the luggage to the running board. Remember this was before cars had trunks. While sold as a Model T Ford accessory it would fit on most any make of car built in the teens and twenties. They would expand to cover the entire running board or only a portion as needed. They required little or no maintenance and were easy to install and remove in just minutes. Today they will work to keep the big stuff on the shelf above the bench in the garage so it does not roll off and smack you in the head! This rack can be yours for the accident prevention price of $35.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas


Item # 226B Original Porcelain Coca Cola Sign from 1936

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Up for sale is an original porcelain Coca Cola sign from 1936. It measures five feet tall by nine feet in length. It came off of the drug store in Clyde Kansas in about 1974. Now even the building is gone. In our first store which was a converted two car garage this hung on the wall next to our antique 1946 Coca Cola vending machine. We still have that Coke machine and we use it every day. As for this sign it takes up way to much wall space. We have a lot more collectables to display than we did in 1974. So if you are a Coca Cola Collector this is the ultimate collector piece. Price is $2950.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.  Yes it is heavy and yes it is heavy on both ends! If you are a little slow with is 80 years old. It is not in perfect shape, it has a few flaws good a shape will you be in at 80 years old?

Good over shape a little wear around the edges...

One of two chips on the face of the sign.

Showing edge wear around the outside...

It is dated in the Lower Left Hand Corner...



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