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NOS 1942 Chevrolet Car Park Lens Frames

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Up for sale is a pair (left and right side) of park lens frames for the 1942 Chevrolet passenger cars. We actually have two complete sets for sale.  The bargain price is $45.00 each set. Why attempt to straighten the old ones when you can buy brand new originals at such a bargain price. Buy one or both sets. Price is per each set FOB Clay Center Kansas.

NOS GM Headlight Switches

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Up for your consideration is a NOS headlight switch that fits 1940 thru 1955 GM passenger cars. It carries the official Part number of 1995041. Price is $74.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas. If you want the official listing from the GM parts book here it is...

1940 – 1955 GM Headlight Switch NOS # 1995041
Chevrolet 1940 – 1955  Passenger,
Chevrolet  1953 – 1955 Corvette
Chevrolet Pickup  1940 – 1955 Commercial, Utility.
Oldsmobile 1953 All.

We have two of these for sale and they both are well preserved in the dust from the shelf they resided on for the past 70 years at the dealership. Both are identical. By one or both. Price is FOB Clay Center Kansas.



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