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NOS 1942 Chevrolet Car Park Lens Frames

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Up for sale is a pair (left and right side) of park lens frames for the 1942 Chevrolet passenger cars. We actually have two complete sets for sale.  The bargain price is $45.00 each set. Why attempt to straighten the old ones when you can buy brand new originals at such a bargain price. Buy one or both sets. Price is per each set FOB Clay Center Kansas.

NOS GM Headlight Switches

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Up for your consideration is a NOS headlight switch that fits 1940 thru 1955 GM passenger cars. It carries the official Part number of 1995041. Price is $74.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas. If you want the official listing from the GM parts book here it is...

1940 – 1955 GM Headlight Switch NOS # 1995041
Chevrolet 1940 – 1955  Passenger,
Chevrolet  1953 – 1955 Corvette
Chevrolet Pickup  1940 – 1955 Commercial, Utility.
Oldsmobile 1953 All.

We have two of these for sale and they both are well preserved in the dust from the shelf they resided on for the past 70 years at the dealership. Both are identical. By one or both. Price is FOB Clay Center Kansas.

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Aviation Electronics Inc. Wichita Kansas.

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Item # 3035
OK...All of you vintage airplane memorabilia collectors listen up...have we got a deal for you. We have one only, Aviation Electronics brand electronic ignition system. All that we can prove is that it was made in Wichita Kansas which used to be the aviation capitol of the world. What that has to do with device...who knows?

If you collect vintage aviation memorabilia this is for you. If you need a white elephant gift for the next Christmas or office party and your spending limit small, you can have this delivered to your door for $20.00 post paid. Where it gets delivered after that is up to you!

Order today... if for no other reason than to be sure it is not YOU that becomes the recipient!


1930's Holly Bushing Extractor Made in Hutchinson Kansas.

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Item#579 Holly Bushing Extractor
This tool consists of a spindle and three tools. The spools will extract any straight soft metal bushing ranging in size from an inch and a sixteenth in diameter all the way up to two and five-sixteenth inches in diameter. This extractor set was made by the Rosier-Howard Sales Company in Hutchinson Kansas. The set is complete in the original wooden box and is in excellent condition. It comes complete with instructions and patent information. It can be yours for the newly extracted price of $65.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.


Friendly Chevrolet Canton Kansas

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Item # 56
"Welcome to Friendly Chevrolet In Canton Kansas..." That is what they used to say...many years ago. The town still exists but just barely. Today Canton Kansas is known for the two teapot style water towers left in town, one is marked "Hot" and the other is marked "Cold." When there was a Chevrolet Dealership in town back in the 1930's they used to put a set of these booklets in the glove box of your new car upon delivery.

They are interesting to be sure. For example...did you know you can clean blood stains from your mohair upholstery by using formaldehyde? There is clearly a lot of vintage wisdom in these booklets. There were a total of 6 booklets to the set. You can buy a set of all 6 for the vintage price of $10.00 Post Paid (USA)  We have more than one set of these for sale (we bought all of the leftovers) because we thought they were really neat) so do yourself a favor and buy more than one. We will tell you when they are almost gone. They make neat Christmas gifts.


The Parts Counter Collection

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Item # 230B
Up for auction is what we call the parts counter collection. It is a collection of parts book that can be used for parts identification, cross reference, and just "good to know" general information. These are duplicates to the one we have in the store. You can buy the whole collection for the interchange price of $20.00 FOB Clay Center Kansas.



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